seasonal organizing

ELIM CHU | November 17, 2016

Your Wardrobe: A Professional Stylist Shares Her Seasonal Organizing Secrets

In this stormy weather, I’m reaching for boots, cozy knits, heavier coats and blanket scarves on the daily. There are a few more seasonal layers to consider, so to make getting dressed easier this winter, here are some tips for organizing your closet:


Summer season clothes are cute but they don’t need to be in your line of sight right now. Put them in storage or shuffle them to the inconvenient side of the closet. Tip: make sure garments are clean and in good repair for future wear. 


Flip the hangers on items after they’re worn. In a few months, you’ll see which pieces you reach for most. This can help encourage wear or indicate which items can be moved out and donated. Tip: Got a rack full of wire hangers and clothes on the floor? Recycle them and invest in matching hangers that work for your clothes. 


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you don’t see your clothes, you probably won’t remember to wear them. Group and store like items together so that they can be viewed at a glance.   

Add Ease

Lastly, consider what you want when getting dressed so that it’s an experience that is easier and better for you. Maybe it’s adding lighting so you can see into a dark corner or extra shelving for your shoes. Whatever the needs, make a list and invest the time and planning needed to make it happen. You’re worth it. 

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