ALEXIS MALEDY | December 30, 2016


Inspired by this My Modern Closet journal entry, I began the limbo week between Christmas and the New Year with illustrious plans to spend the time getting centred and grounded in preparation for 2017. I was going to meditate, read all the January fashion-forecasts, consult The Universe, and come up with a list of worthy 2017 style-related goals for you, dear reader, to consider.

Instead, I spent the week recovering from all that was 2016 by getting hopped up on leftover candy canes and pinot noir, and hunkering down with Friends (the hit 90’s sitcom, not actual people).

So, in lieu of a week’s worth of meditation and advice from Anna Wintour and other self-help gurus, the following resolutions are inspired by Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, Monica, and Rachel. This 2017, let’s make like it’s 1997:

Wear Whatever The F*ck You Want

They may not have been allowed to drop the F-bomb on television back in the 90s, but they could wear vests and overalls with zero consequences. 2016’s fashion landscape often seemed about as cheerful as the political climate, so this year, embrace your inner Phoebe and combat global sadness by mixing prints with patterns.

It’s Okay That Everyone is Getting Married And You’re Getting Coffee

Do you ever feel it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year? In Season 1, episode 4, Rachel laments that all her friends are having babies and she’s just serving up cappuccinos. By 2003 – careful, spoilers ahead – she’s turning down jobs with Louis Vuitton in Paris (Paris!) and finally (finally!) declaring her love for Ross. In other words, it’s cool if you don’t know what you’re doing with your life right now. Back in the 90s (and early 2000’s), neither did Rachel.

Support Local

Speaking of cappuccinos, in the 90s people apparently sat around in their local cafe drinking coffee and actually talking to each other. This year, the best way to say F-you to global corporate consumerism is to get your coffee to-stay – with a side of not checking your Instagram feed while you’re having a convo with your squad’s version of Joey about how a lack of racial diversity still persists in modern television.

You Do You

But my biggest takeaway from my week in the company of my fav 90s Friends, is that there’s something magic about owning who you are. In other words, if you’re a Ross, there’s no use trying to be a Rachel. So if you’re going into 2017 with the intention of completely reinventing your personal style, this is your permission to keep on wearing your beloved turtlenecks (if you’re a Monica) or over-sized suit jackets (if you’re more of a Chandler). And if your current wardrobe is looking like Joey’s (a steady diet of jeans and t-shirts), but you know deep down you’re actually a Phoebe, 2017 is the year to raid our closet (and take those guitar lessons you’ve always wanted to).

All photos courtesy of Emma Lore PHotography